We are all working to be better, to not only make a living but to build a life. Keeping hope and faith in our own dreams is hard, especially when 99% of people doubt you, however, that 1% is what matters most.

That 1% is the difference of being extremely wrong and proving everyone right or it’s you believing in yourself and Making History!  Be the 1%, we all have our own projects but what unites us is the WILL to keep moving and never giving up…so welcome to our project and your new group of friends that believes in you against all odds. We together are PROJECT STAY DRVN.

Starting off detailing some cars and starting DRVN auto detail, Michael embarked on something that he would soon know absolutely nothing about… BRANDING.

He began DRVN Auto Detail and as he would begin to bring on clients he wanted to give them something else and thought that putting Stay Driven on shirts would be a cool way to not only encourage but give a little extra back to his customers.

Soon after he realized that Stay Driven was more than just a shirt but more of a way of thinking. He wanted to inspire people to keep moving against all odds and although we all go through our own stories we must keep pushing forward and that is when in October of 2013 Drvn Productions was born.

For the past 5 years Michael has taken DRVN to humbling heights and has pushed numerous boundaries for himself and his brand. From Tradeshows, skate events, cashing out a 401k, and even having the opportunity to work and create an amazing product with the 10X master Grant Cardone, Mike has definitely pushed limits.

However he has also dealt with the failures such as bankruptcy, a divorce, losing a brother and being tested in many directions as we all face everyday he still believes that DRVN stands for something more.

So, we are beginning a new chapter and want you to be a part of our story!