My story is just like any other,

you have ups and you have downs. I first started this brand as DRVN Productions. It was known as a skate/street wear brand and did fairly well when I started in 2013. I always wanted to encourage others and I always preached about giving your very best no matter the cost.

The past years has definitely taught me a lot about apparel, manufacturing, branding, tradeshows, creativity, but most of all it has taught me a lot about myself. I’ve always believed in God and always thought I knew what having faith was but sometimes God will push you so all you have is him. In the midst of what looked like success for me and even being able to work with amazing people such as Grant Cardone the 10X guru supposedly ( that’s another story) and being able to really push myself I always kept God on the back burner ( I’m sure I’m the only one).

I realized the reason he put me through so much such as losing a brother, divorce, depression (very dark place in my life at that moment), bankruptcy at 28 years young, and a few other life struggles like any one else was to have me get closer to him, however, I still believed yet never really put him first.

In 2018 I remarried and had a handsome son. I took some time off the DRVN to just be dad and husband and just worked a normal 9-5 but in my heart I felt the brand was still my calling just didn’t know how to really start back up.

2019 -2020 is where everything really changed yet again but by the end of this you will now realize God was still with me and now the focus of everything.

About February 2019 my wife Bree found out she was pregnant again. We went during the 8th week and got news that this pregnancy would be dangerous for the baby and Bree and that although there was a sac, there was NO baby in sight. That broke us and there is nothing a husband can say that can fix things. The week that they told us we would have to have Bree take some medication to pretty much get rid of the baby the very next day after my mother prayed they triple checked and what do you know there was a little peanut!

We really felt relieved and excited that our 2nd boy was on the way. Now our finances were tight but with a new addition we were going to be struggling even more. So I started looking for something that I could do to be able to provide for the family with no stress and yet be able to have some extra funds to get DRVN going again because that was my dream and still believed that was my calling. So as a heavy duty mechanic for the Army for 10 years I applied for a job in Afghanistan and in August 2019 I flew out for my 1 year, a month before my son would be born.

September 3, 2019 my beautiful son was born. And I was going to meet him in March on my R&R. Fast Forward to February 2020…

My new born Elijah began to have health and muscle issues. After the wife calling me so much that month about her concern for him I decided that when I came home March 1 that I was going to stay and be there for them, money comes and goes but family is priority.

The weekend I began to travel my son stopped breathing and they had to quickly figure out his issues and thankfully put him on a ventilator so he can continue to breathe. I finally made it back after 26 hours of flying and the first moment I seen my beautiful blue eyed boy was at Knoxville Children’s Hospital where we would spend the next 2 months everyday trying to find out what was going on with our son.

In those two months my son was battling from one of the most rarest conditions in the world, so rare they haven’t even created clinical studies on because there isn’t enough cases to study on. He fought with RSV, pneumonia, weight loss and a few other things. He had 3 procedures, which consist of a muscle biopsy, tracheotomy, and a GI tube so he can be fed all in the middle of the Covid-19 Epidemic. He is the Strongest person I know.

During this time God had most certainly tested our faith in him but let me tell you I began to pray, read more, and started to change my relationship with God. I searched him more and prayed over my family more than I ever had my whole life instead of blaming him and asking if he really even cared. Even though today we still have no definite answer to Eli’s condition I know God is using him in such a way that no one can explain. My faith in God grew and made me realize that I had to put him first and let him fight my sons battle as long as my faith grew stronger. So we keep moving forward and keep praying and believing one day Eli will walk and live such a great life that God has for him. He is currently home now on a mobile ventilator but we know God is using him to show everyone he is still very much alive #GOD’SNOTDEAD.

So, what does that mean for DRVN Productions?? Well it means after 32 years of living I’ve finally realized that I have to keep God 1st in my life. So I have begun to change my life to serve God and be the man I’m created to be for my kids, my wife and for myself. Everything I do from here on out is about making sure I have God in everything I do including DRVN. So, we are going to rename as STAYDRVN, and make it a faith based brand. We all have things to overcome and that’s why we must keep moving and have faith under the most difficult moments.

So join us as we open a new chapter and begin to see what God has in store. No matter what life throws at you, you are able to overcome and all you have to do is just STAYDRVN….